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About Toraba

We have been dealing in quality Japanese armour for nearly two decades now. All of our pieces being sourced, photographed and research by us right here in Japan.

Our sales record and impressive clintel base speaks for itself and includes several renowned international museums ( see our endorsements page). Pieces located and sold by Toraba have also appeared in numerous well know publications on armour.

We pride ourselves in our honesty in our items descriptions and accuracy, for whihc Toraba is famed along with are defiant stand and absolute refusal to handle and sell the many numerous fake and frudelent samurai armour items that have flooded into this market, with our goal being to promote real antiques and not spectacular frauds that are often pushed as being authentic.

Toraba is presently located in Namporo, in Hokkaido Japan.  We will be relocating to Kansai in 2010 to a rural area outside of Kyoto as well as setting up a Canadian Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia.

Full details of our new business locations will be posted later this year along with a more in depth write-up about the history of Toraba.   

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