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Kiku-byou ( Sold Individually)
 Item # Byou-0001This is a new product!  
 Age: Modern 
 Condition: New 
 Price: Currently on Hold 
Well crafted and historically accurate in size and appearance, these sturdy gilt-like finished copper byou, feature a finely detailed byou-gashira, or rivet head that has been etched so as to resemble a chrysanthemum bloom. The rivets feature long securely affixed shanks that ensure that the byou can securely hold and fasten any conventional component part or piece to an item of armour in the same manner as they would have been used historically. Ideal for any professional restoration project.

* Dimensions: Rivet head width - 1 cm. Head height - 0.2cm. Total length - approximately 3.7 cm. 

 * We will beat any competitors price for this same item. Our list price is 50% less than other suppliers offering these hard to find items. Shop around and compare for yourself. And we can ship most orders almost immediately receipt of payment directly from Japan, so that in most cases you can have your items within one business week after having completed your order.

* Item ships from Japan by EMS. Combined shipping options offered. 

* Shipping weight: 300 grams.

* Price quoted in Japanese yen.

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