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O-boshi zunari bachi, yokohagi okegawa ni-mai dou gusoku
 Item # Gendai:0806-2402This is a new product!  
 Age: Modern. Approximately 10-15 years old. 
 Condition: Overall excellent second-hand condition with moderate wear 
 Price: Sorry, but this item has been sold 

A very fine and well made modern armour set produced by Marutake. This same model new is sold for over $3000.00 from the maker without shipping. That said note the new items made by Marutake definitely lack the quality of the items they made many years ago. I've noticed that the metal used now is significantly thinner, and actually quite weak, being easily bent and pliable, not to mention the noticeable decline in the attention to detail and finished workmanship.


So though this is a second hand set, and still well priced, overall I would strongly recommend buying an older armour over a new one, even when the prices are not significantly different simply based on the significant levels of difference in the quality of the finished products, especially for those who wish to wear the armour, as the new items will definitely not hold up well to use, and are now largely only appropriate for posing in or display.


The below images can display the armour best, but some features worth noting are the fact that the kohire, eri-sho and tate-age of the suneate are all made with real metal plate brigandine inset kikko plates like and authentic armour and not simply replicated in cloth as in becoming more and more common.


This is quite a large armour and thus again well suited to the needs of a re-enactor or for those who actually intend to wear the armour.

Strand and armour box is included.   

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