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Shu urushi iro kawari kabuto saiga bachi gyorin ni-mai dou gusoku
 Item # Gendai:0806-2403This is a new product!  
 Age: Modern. Approximately 10-15 years old. 
 Condition: Overall excellent condition for a second-hand item. 
 Price: Sorry, but this item has been sold 

Without a doubt the most unique and well made replica armour I have ever seen. In fact this is the only example of a actual individual scale gyorin ( fish scale ) type armour set that I have ever seen period.

I'm certain that this armour must have been order made, though for what purpose I cannot say, it seems more than plausible that it may well have been for a movie to be this unique and well made.

I believe the armour was made by Marutake, but I cannot confirm this. The quality is excellent though, and the weight almost identical to an authentic period armour. The armour is also quite large in size and ideal for those interested in re-enactments or wearing the armour for other purposes. 

The gyorin scales are all metal, as is the helmet and other parts of the armour as are the metal plate brigandine inset kikko plates set into the the kohire, eri-sho and tate-age of the suneate like and authentic armour and not simply replicated in cloth as in becoming more and more common.

I actually bought this armour for myself as I thought it was so interesting and well made and intended to wear it at Soma this year. Unfortunately it turns out the gyorin gessan do not telescope or collapse like standard laced plate kusazari tassets will do ( the rear ones are often tied up when riding for a prolonged period ), which makes riding in this armour more difficult and results in some scratching and damage to the finishes of the kura saddle and other items of the horse furnishing, so I need to let this set go unfortunately and have prepared another. 

In the main image of the Gendai page you can see this armour with a different maedate, but I'm sorry to say and am sure will disappoint many of you to say that I am keeping that one for myself to use with my new armour at Some this year. The armour case seen was a larger one which is more practical for use at Soma as a lot of other equipment must also be carried, but as I am selling the armour, I have put the armour with a more conventional armour case as is typical of those provided by Marutake and generally used with most replica armour sets.  

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