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Shu urushi nuri zunari bachi ni-mai dou gusoku with nodowa.
 Item # Gendai:0806-2404This is a new product!  
 Age: Modern. Near new from maker. Less than 5 years old. 
 Condition: Almost mint, new from maker second hand condition. 
 Price: Sorry, but this item has been sold 

An almost mint condition customer order armour made by Marutake. The armour is quite large in size again having been made to fit, with the size being well suited to most average build adult size frames including the sleeve and suneate shine guard lengths.

The original owner paid over $7000.00 to have this set made. We are offering it for about 1/3 that price and the set is again about as near as new from the maker as you could hope for.

The set features a very generously size tensuki maedate which breaks down into two pieces as is historically correct for most maedate such as this. 

Uniquely the armour also includes a matching nodowa neck guard. The gold finished kiritsuke kozane style chu-sode and sei-kan kanamono fixture are examples of the customer order nature of this armours fabrication.

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