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Anthony J. Bryant
Bernard Le Dauphin
Dr. Yoshihiko Sasama
G. Caluwe
John Anderson
Luc Taleman
Royal Armouries
Stibbert Museum
The Isreal Museum

From Anthony J. Bryant
Published author and historian of Japanese Armour including the following titles by Osprey Publishing:

Early Samurai AD 200-1500
Samurai 1550-1600
Numerous additional titles

"Looking for a good or useful site on the Internet is like panning for gold. Usually you just get a load of sediment, but sometimes you find a glittering nugget. Toraba.Com is definitely one of the latter.

It's a source == finally! == for hard to find bits and pieces for those with an interest in Japanese armour. But it's much more than that. It's a clearing house for information. It's a treasure trove of armour for collectors. And it's all the work of one man.

Trevor, through his website, has created an invaluable resource. I never cease to be amazed at the enthusiastic professionalism and the quality of what comes out of Trevor's vaults. Trevor is a fountain of information on armour, and his passionate interest in protecting the common collector from unscrupulous dealers, coupled with his own reliability, make him a good person to know and work with. You're in good hands when dealing with him.

I can't speak highly enough about either the website or its owner == I trust Trevor implicitly. Whether your interest is in buying something, having something repaired professionally, or even buying pieces for doing your own work with Japanese armour, I recommend him without reservation".

Anthony J. Bryant
February 2005.

From Bernard Le Dauphin.
An internationally renowned Japanese Arms & Armour specialist located in Paris, France.

"Browsing on the Net, I was lucky enough to find TORABA.COM. I liked what I read and got in touch with Trevor, which was the beginning of a precious cooperation. I'm wondering what I could add to the other endorsements of all these well known world specialists, knowing the different writers, their qualities and expertise. Still I cannot but chime in and compliment Trevor for his site and the quality of the items and services he offers to us."

Bernard Le Dauphin
September 2006

From Dr.Yoshihiko Sasama
Former President of the Japan Society for the Preservation of the Study of Japanese Arms & Armour and publisher of dozens of highly respected and authorative books on the subject, including;

The Shin Katchu-shi Meikan
Nihon Bugu Katchu Jiten
Numerous additional titles

"The Soma Noma-oi is an extremely important Japanese cultural and religious event, famous through-out Japan for its traditional style samurai equestrian events, which like an ancient scroll come to life, accurately captures the spirit, styles, and equipment of the Sengoku period (1482-1558) warrior. Unfortunately maintaining festivals such as the Noma-oi along with numerous other fine traditional events as are held annually through-out Japan, is increasingly proving to be a difficult undertaking, due to the ever increasing lack of appropriate period garments and equipment, with the number of useable original items becoming increasingly scare with each passing year. Thus I'm pleased to see this selection of authentically re-created and restored items being presented here, so that these important festivals and those that participate, along with collectors and dedicated history enthusiasts the world over, can continue to ensure the preservation of these unique cultural items and the traditions to which they belong".

Dr.Yoshihiko Sasama
April 2002

From G.Caluwe
"I have followed Toraba for a several years now and have been impressed by the fine selection of items Trevor always offers, a number of pieces of which I have acquired to add to my own personal collection, part of which is on loaned to a very well known Europen museum for display. Toraba is a reliable and leading dealer of quality Japanese samurai antique arts."
G.Caluwe, renowned European Collector

From L.J. Anderson
Well known collector who both appraises and restores Japanese armour professionally for renowned international auction houses and buyers. Mr. Anderson is also the author of the very well known reference and study book on the subject;

Japanese Armour

"On meeting Trevor I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject. Later on viewing his web site I was agreeably surprised by its range, not only in the matter of the quality pieces of armour but also of the educational material in specialist books. Now having had the opportunity to use him as a source of restoration materials it was a great relief to be able to deal with an English speaker who understood ones needs. Based on my own experience I would be happy to recommend TORABA.COM to any enthusiast.".

John L. Anderson
May 2006

From Luc Taleman

"I have bought several items from Toraba in past with satisfaction, including one of the finest Unkai menpo to have ever been offered on the open market."

Luc Taleman, well known Belgian collector 

The Royal Armouries, Leeds, United Kingdom.

Toraba.Com is pleased to help support the study and exhibition of traditional Japanese armour along with its many other related items of equipment and regalia by being a supplier of quality restoration parts, materials and re-enactment goods for the internationally renowned Royal Armouries, one of the worlds oldest museums, and pre-eminent national museum in the United Kingdom. We now offer our full range of restoration items and services for your own projects and requirements.

The Stibbert Museum, Firenze, Italy.

Toraba.Com is extremely pleased to be a provider of samurai related products to superb Stibbert Museum, which houses one of the most important collections of authentic Japanese armour and related equipment outside of Japan, including an amazing selection of kawari kabuto. 

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem  

"Mr. Absolon's knowledgeable advice has been most useful, and has resulted in our museum acquiring an outstanding suit of armour and an important kabuto, which will be the focal point of the museum's Japanese Gallery."

Toraba is a regular provider of high quality armour items for several major north American and European dealers including; Shogun Armory, Galerie Dutta, Giuseppe Piva, Torii Links and many more.

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