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Restoration Items

Authentic Japanese armour was assembled entirely from materials that existed naturally in nature or those that could be harnessed from the environment such as iron or silk for example. Thus as the materials used to make this fantastic items were fundamentally organic, they were also prone to decay. This obvious point is commonly overlooked by many modern day collectors and students of Japanese armour who often assume that because an item was created in the 16th century, that its present day condition represents an items original state when in fact virtually all items of Japanese armour that pre-date the early 19th century were almost certainly restored multiple times over the course of their existence. 
Thus regular repairs, restoration and re-mounting of items of Japanese armour was part of the general maintenance and up keep of these items over the centuries and remains a necessary reality in the continued preservation and revitalization of such items to this very day. In this regard TORABA is proud to offer a fine selection of high quality Japanese armour related restoration materials, which have supplied to and as are used by the most well known modern Japanese smiths and restorers and of renowned museums around the world.
Due to inconsistency and fluctuating nature of many international currencies in recent years all restoration part prices and quotes are in Japanese Yen. 

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